Arckit Colouring Activities and their Benefits for Children and Adults

What better way to get lost in time than by colouring. Whether you are looking for something imaginative to occupy your children, or for adults to relax and de-stress. Colouring is a rhythmic activity that creates a sense of calm and tranquillity like nothing else. It's a simple and joyous activity where the stakes to entry are very low, making it a wonderful journey for all ages and levels of artist. 

Colouring for Children  
Colouring is a feel-good activity for children. There are no rules, boundaries or required steps to complete in a certain sequence and no levels you have to attain. It’s a hassle-free activity to be enjoyed alone or with friends. From an education perspective, colouring improves dexterity, prepares children for school, stimulates creativity, improves coordination, helps self-expression and has therapeutic benefits.  

Colouring for Adults  
Colouring has become very popular amongst adults in recent years. This comes down in part to the pressure inducing culture many people are living today and who are seeking new ways to reduce tension, restore feelings of well-being and reduce stress. Mindfulness art therapy is known to help people cope with various illnesses and in the same way, adult colouring also has therapeutic benefits. While some adults like to colour alone, others prefer to colour with friends in libraries, cafes and community centres. Colouring together as a family has also become a popular relaxation pastime which often leads to moments of enlightened conversation and connection you may not have planned on. 

Let’s Colour 
We have created a series of printable sheets for all you little and not so little colourists to while away the hours with your pencils and crayons. Click here to download. 

Colour your building as you like and complete by adding your own surrounding environments and characters. Then if you like, you can share your build with us. Just send your picture to with the title “Share” and we will add it to our Customer Build section on

Also, if you have any innovative colouring suggestions you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you.

Get Colouring!