About Arckit

About Arckit

What is Arckit?

ARCKIT is a freeform architectural modelling system that allows you to physically explore designs and bring your ideas to life with speed and precision. Based on modern building techniques and a 1.2m/4ft grid to scale, the ‘click and connect’ modular components make it possible to create a vast range of structures that can be quickly assembled, endlessly modified and finished to perfection. Perfect for STEAM learning, architects, hobbyists, students and children.

Light Bulb Moment!

As an architect, the founder of Arckit, Damien Murtagh understood the value of a physical model to explore ideas and present designs to clients. However, traditional ‘cut and glue’ models are time consuming, impractical and expensive. The moment of insight came while he was developing a real modular building concept. He needed a modern system that was fast, reusable and cost-effective. To his amazement, nothing like this existed – so he decided to invent one from scratch!

Our Mission

With Arckit’s immense all round educational benefits, wholly appropriate for helping to upskill a new generation in a new era, our goal is to make our unique ‘hands-on’ architectural model building platform accessible to students and creative minds everywhere. We believe that by empowering minds through architecture, together we have the potential to profoundly change the world for the better.

More than a toy...