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Who could have imagined our worlds changing in an instant?! It is what it is and so together we will get through it for sure. 

Most of us are cooped up in our homes doing our best to keep busy, active, sane and for those of us with children, we’re looking for new ways to keep them happy and occupied for longer periods.  

During this unprecedented period of uncertainty, we at Arckit are going to do our very best to help out by sharing some novel ideas and activities to engage you and your young visionaries.  

Architecture is a wonderful subject that opens up a world of creativity and design. It also teaches STEAM, practical and social skills while learning about the environment and sustainability. Architects design all sorts of buildings from houses to hotels, stadiums to skyscrapers, museums to malls. As an architect, you need to develop your skills so that the buildings you design for people to live, work, play and learn in, are practical, aesthetically pleasing, durable and a joy to be in.  

In the first of our Arckit Creative Activities, ‘Play As An Architect’ lets any budding Zaha Hadid or Bjarke Ingels get started by using their Arckit set or simply with the tools you have to hand like a pencil, paper, ruler and eraser. This activity consists of 5 steps. 

Step 1. Client and Brief

Every job starts with a client and a brief.  The Client is the person who wants you to design their building for them. The brief is a set of instructions written by the client with the help of the architect which sets out what they would like included in the building. Before meeting your client, you just need to print off your ‘Arckitect ID Badge’ to present yourself to them.

Click here to download your free assets ‘Arckitect ID badge’ and 'Project Brief Template' at Play as an Architect page.


Step 2. Sketching your ideas 

Roughly sketching your initial thoughts and ideas on paper is the best way to begin your design process. 

You can also look at various design websites such as DezeenArchDaily or Wallpaper for more inspiration.

Once you have decided on your design and layout, draw up your building on blank paper or using Arckit printable gridded paper available here. 

Download here the 'Arckit Gridded Paper' to help you with your sketch work.


Step 3. Build a model  

Architects love making models to visualize and communicate their designs. If you already have Arckit, you can freely explore your ideas using your kit of components before building your final model to present to your client along with your drawings. If you don't have Arckit, no worries, just use your sketches and final drawings for your presentation.   

Click here to see our gallery and get inspired by looking at what our community have built.  Or visit our YouTube channel to see step-by-step model building ideas. 


Step 4. Presentation

Proudly present your project to your client and explain the reason behind your design using your drawings, sketches and your Arckit model. In the end, you can officially call yourself an ‘Arckitect'. CONGRATULATIONS!

Step 5. Sharing time

If you are happy to, we’d be thrilled if you could share your masterpiece with your friends and with us.   

We’re also asking our community to send us in any creative suggestions you'd like us to explore. Send your pictures and ideas to 

Click here to visit the ‘Play As An Architect’ activity page.