Arckit has been on display in Nuremberg and New York this month

Arckit has been on display in Nuremberg and New York this month, where our new product range was showcased to the toy and education industry.

We’ve just returned from the two biggest toy fairs in the world. This month Arckit showcased at the Spielwarenmesse Show at Nuremberg and the The New York Toy Fair at the Javits Centre. The response to our new products couldn’t have been better, with individual store owners through to global retailers expressing serious interest in Arckit. We’re also delighted to have made it into the Trend Gallery at Spielwarenmesse for the second year running.

It’s rewarding to see our hard work over the last few years beginning to pay off. It’s evident at these shows that Arckit is now becoming more recognised within the industry as makers of unique and high-quality products for users of all ages. We received huge interest from a broad range of sectors including educational institutions and suppliers, specialty design stores, and major toy chains.

Each recognise the benefits of using Arckit as a sophisticated design tool that bridges the gap between toy and adult level products. Arckit opens up the world of architecture to boys and girls of all ages making architectural design instantly accessible to literally everyone as never before.

This year there is a noticeable shift within the industry towards STEAM toys. This means that as well as being fun, toys are also indirectly teaching kids valuable skills in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Huffington Post published an article earlier this month asking if 2016 is the year for STEM, Digital and Virtual Reality toys? From what we’re seeing, we think the answer is yes.

Here’s a quick snippet from the article: “With so much fun to be had can STEM toys still be overlooked as only for geeks and boys? I really hope not and strongly advise parents to look for one that is likely to appeal to your child whether they are naturally drawn to science or not. I truly believe one of the biggest barriers to getting girls into science is public perception.” You can read the rest on the Huff Post website.

Arckit has already been featured on top STEM products wish lists. It’s a professional freeform modular system that naturally encourages hands-on creativity and teaches all ages fundamental design principles and problem-solution thought processes. It was wonderful to show how Arckit can be used in education to major museum design stores such as The Met and the Guggenheim museums. We even got an enthusiastic visit from NASA who were very impressed with Arckit’s capabilities and educational benefits!

At both toy fairs we also had the opportunity to proudly showcase our Arckit Infiniti 3D printed component store on Shapeways (launching soon!), which really is going to open up unlimited possibilities in terms of add-on components. This is a groundbreaking development within the model industry and everyone who came to hear about our plans for Infiniti 3D were extremely excited about its potential.

And, on a fun note, we even brought along a few boxes of our Arckit Mini 12+ Series range and Arckit GO Colours for children 10+ … both ready for a summer/autumn launch.

More info coming soon!