Sleeping Giants - Great Sports Stadia around the World

“It’s a moment to reflect their profound meaning and beauty… Sports Stadia are the beating Heart and Soul of our cities that we yearn to reawaken!” Damien, Founder CEO of Arckit

From baseball to basketball, football to swimming, sporting occasions worldwide have been pushed to the side-lines. Colossal events, such as the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (and our own All Ireland Gaelic Football and Hurling!), postponed. Instead of scoring home runs, sporting pros are home-bound, just like you and me.

We’ve entered a period of uncertainty, and not having our favourite teams and players on the big screen makes it that bit more of a challenge. Stadiums, some of the world’s most breath-taking structures, lie vacant. Architectural and engineering triumphs, without their fans; their souls.

The Flower City stadium in Guangzhou. When completed in 2022, will be the largest soccer-specific stadium in the world.

This does, however, give us the opportunity to stop and appreciate these surroundings for what they are. Architectural greats such as Herzog & de Meuron, Zaha Hadid Architects, Foster + Partners and many more have donned the skylines of our cities with incredible feats of artwork. Arguably, and to an extent; hence, some of their greatest achievements have come in the form of stadiums.

Holding tens of thousands, arenas and stadiums offer a place of gathering, a place for tears and for joy, anger and love. They bring out emotion; something only to be achieved by a building which too holds the same quality. It’s the lustre of steel, complimented by the coarse concrete, brought together by meticulous design and emphatic engineering which make these buildings what they are.

AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys by HKS Design.

Sports; it’s in our blood but also our surroundings. Whilst there’s no substitute for the buzz of a match, we’re trying our best to bring sports into the home. With the help of your smartphone and Arckit Sports, you can build and bring your very own stadiums to life in miniature, you could even try personalising it with the colours of your favourite team or competitor.

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