Learn to Model, Model to Learn – 4 Reasons to Play with Arckit

“Children are not things to be molded but, are people to be unfolded” – Jess Lair 

Are you looking for an engaging exercise to keep the kids busy during the upcoming weekend, similar to the likes of playing with building blocks? 

Constructing models with Arckit is a great pastime you share together while collaborating with your children. Arckit, with its realistic architectural components, is a creative design-oriented tool that offers an open-ended learning experience for you and your children. Just one sit-down play session can boost advancement in four key areas that matter most in your child’s development. 

1.) Develops Problem-Solving Abilities
Using Arckit is a dynamic and stimulating exercise that teaches children valuable lessons in both architecture and engineering. Arckit’s array of components mimic real-world building materials. Arckit is a type of “Construction Play” that encourages analytical thinking and hands-on involvement. Structures, be it a small model or a large building, all have to deal with the same laws of physics. Though similar to building with simple basic blocks, the Arckit platform is a bit more sophisticated, with pieces that connect in different ways providing the necessary mental stimulation to enhance logical thinking capabilities and spatial interactions. 

2.) Helps Physical Development
Whether merely stacking modules or building a full-on dream home, the act of interacting with and fitting the pieces together has the benefits of improving one’s general fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It’s a surprisingly simple activity to gradually increase your child’s dexterity and patience thresholds. 

3.) Stimulates Imagination
When playing around with and manipulating Arckit components, children are freely able to follow through in building up their own ideas. From getting inspiration from pictures or confidently starting from scratch, modelling will enhance cognitive flexibility and let their imaginations soar. Modelling allows them to take risks, helping to discover independent ideas while gaining a sense of achievement. It’s a fantastic way to promote self-expression, especially with a culture so used to just watching and downloading pre-made content. 

4.) Improves Social Competence
Building with family or friends in small groups, emphasizes both communication and cooperation simultaneously. Taking turns, sharing materials and negotiating are all important traits that can be outcomes of modelling. Arckit offers countless instances of creative discussion and development of new vocabulary. Modelling by oneself can even work to build up attention spans and develop a child’s self-reliance capabilities! 

With a variety of kits catered to children and adults of all ages, the Arckit universe definitely has a little something waiting for everyone. To get the most of building with Arckit, join in alongside your children to help demonstrate and facilitate spatial ideas. As a group, try working through our included instruction templates provided with each set. When complete, challenge them with specific building assignments where they can be inspired by pictures from their favourite books or online to help guide their construction project. So get building together this weekend and we would love it if you would share your experiences with us!

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