Resellers stock our award-winning architectural model system as far afield as the US and now Japan

Arckit is fast becoming available worldwide as resellers stock our award-winning architectural model system as far afield as the US and now Japan.

There has been so much excitement around using Arckit to teach building and design skills in education that we’ve hardly had time to mention our most recent retail listings. Barnes & Noble, the largest bookstore retailer in the world, are now stocking Arckit in the US following our Red Dot Award 2015, but that’s not all …

We are proud to say that, alongside Barnes & Noble in the US, Arckit is now being stocked around the world in stores such as Cedon in Germany, National Building Museum in Washington, Harrods in London, Science Gallery in Dublin, Chicago Architecture Foundation, National Museum of Norway, Alvar Aalto Museum in Finland, RIBA Bookshop in London, Playhao in Singapore, Francis Miniatures in France, Modelbauwcenter Baillen in Belgium, and recently DeAgostini in Japan.

Are you looking for the next level, next generation of building blocks?

While Arckit is frequently described as a ‘Reality Minecraft or SIMS’ or a ‘sophisticated Lego’ type product, we are very much our own unique invention. Our modular components allow users to create a vast range of architectural models without the need for glue or cutting. It is based on modern building techniques, and designed to provide hours of fun. Arckit’s freeform system makes it possible to build anything from iconic designs such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater to idyllic beachside retreats and even high-rise city structures.

The feedback we’ve had from retailers has been overwhelmingly positive. Although Arckit was originally designed as a professional tool, the system has been hugely popular with model hobbyists and children as a new way of intuitively building structures and exploring internal space in a way that is much more realistic and advanced than traditional building block toys. Finished models can even be completed with realistic Arckitexture building material patterns such as stone, terracotta, wood, and brick.

What’s included in the Arckit range?

Our complete range includes four options of Arckit, allowing for different sizes and capabilities. Each kit contains the same Arckit components, with additional component packs sold separately online. This means that users can ‘upgrade’ their kit over time by adding new component pieces to further extend the size and capability of structures they can build. We most recently launched Arckit GO, a starter set retailing at just £49.99, to meet new demand from the toy sector.

Retailers please get in touch

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Look out for a feature on Arckit in the July issue of Toy World Magazine!