Arckit Academy Arrives on World Education Stage

Myself and my wife and cofounder Shana recently returned from what we can only describe as the most exciting trade show of any kind that we’ve ever attended.

ISTE is the leading tech education trade show in the US where educators, tech companies and decision makers from across the US and globe, converge under one roof for an exhilarating 4 days.

I know this sounds crazy, but we should have been attending ISTE long before now. Truth is though, we’ve always known and believed in the immense educational value of Arckit but until now we didn’t have the curriculum to complement our unique architectural building block platform. Now we do and it's getting some serious attention.

Amidst all the cutting edge technology at the show, Arckit stood out as a totally new, fresh and sophisticated alternative method of learning that teachers can now offer to their students. For 3 days they came in their hundreds with open eyes, excited and instantly got it.

Education is undergoing seismic change and so too are the tools for teaching. I can only compare it to Arckit being like a young tree that we’ve carefully nurtured, about to blossom into fruit and finally ripe to pick. 

What Arckit Academy offers is utterly unique to any other platform out there, real or digital, within education. It proudly stands on its own patented pedestal as a ‘hand-on’ advanced architectural building block system. Arckit is an instrument that instantly unlocks the possibility for students of all ages to spontaneously visualize, explore and communicate their design ideas with both speed and precision.  

In particular, for students that are more creative than academically inclined (I’d put myself in that category), learning by doing with Arckit presents a new and exciting hands-on approach to teaching in the classroom. Impart with Arckit and the image will remain indelibly etched in a student's mind. 

'Tell Me and I Forget; Teach Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Learn’. Benjamin Franklin

Together with our bespoke curriculum based lesson plans, Arckit Academy teaches a vast array of subjects and topics through the multi-disciplinary medium of architecture and with Arckit as the guiding tool. The results we have seen from piloting Arckit Academy with young students and again today in our Summer Camps, is beyond extraordinary.

The engagement, enthusiasm and immediate grasping of topics together with Arckit’s building system, is simply a pleasure to witness. The children don’t want the classes to end and parents are telling us that it's the best thing they’ve ever done, honestly! Moreover, they are all asking if Arckit Academy can be taught in their schools.

On many occasions throughout the ISTE show, teachers expressed to us that they have longed for such an alternative as Arckit Academy, understanding it’s ability to inspire young minds, ignite hidden talents and empower their students for the future ahead.

It's no wonder we had regular visits from the top tech companies over the course of the show to our modest booth and it was a privilege to chat to them all. Most importantly though, educators came, teachers, librarians, government officials from the US and beyond. 

Whether you are seeking a revolutionary new method and tool for teaching and learning in your classroom, after school workshop or makerspace, Arckit Academy and ‘Empowering Minds Through Architecture' has arrived.

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