Have you been waiting to see Arckit up close?

Have you been waiting to see Arckit up close, but never had the chance? Arckit has ‘returned home’ to Dublin and is on display at the Global Irish Design Challenge Exhibition as part of a year-long programme exploring, promoting and celebrating Irish Design in just about every form. So why not come along and see for yourself at Dublin Castle?

As well as our bespoke Arckit model display specially commissioned for this event, you’ll also get to see the very best in Irish design and innovation. The exhibition celebrates the impact that design and innovation has on shaping and improving the way we live – showcasing creators who are driven to find solutions to the challenges humanity faces today.

Focusing on themes of sustainability, wellbeing, sense of place and innovation, designers of Irish lineage or with a strong affiliation to Ireland submitted projects that provide an ingenious solution to societal issues. We are thrilled to have been chosen from entries around to world as an example of game-changing Irish design.

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Why Arckit?

Made in Ireland, Arckit is the first innovation of any kind within the area of physical architectural model making for professional use. While traditional ‘cut and glue’ model making techniques are expensive and time consuming, Arckit offers a cost-effective freeform method that requires no glue (or architectural training) and can be re-used to create a myriad of structures.

We also have some exciting news coming later this year. We’re currently developing bespoke 3D printed Arckit components, as well as launching a new range of kits for budding architects. And since Arckit’s success as a STEAM education tool, we’re pleased to say that our Education Programme is coming soon.

What else is on display?

The nature of entries range from ground-breaking work by multi-national companies to projects by designers that could have a serious impact if further developed. Look out for Arup Ireland’s Bangladesh project, which following the disaster in the textile factory in Rana Plaza, established a system to ensure safety in the workplace.

There’s also Scriba, an amazing ’touch motion’ stylus pen from Dublin Design Studio and InstaTemp MD, a new type of thermometer that uses sensor technology to measure core-body rather than external body temperature. Developed by Design Partners for Arc Devices it was used as a diagnostic aid that helped to stem the spread of Ebola in Liberia.

Click here to see the list of selected projects.

More details

The exhibition is at Coach House, Dublin Castle, from June 15 – August 27. Visit the Global Irish Design Challenge website for more information and contact details.