New Partner Spotlight: Uncommon Goods

As Good As it Gets

From the moment I set my eyes on the Uncommon Goods platform a few years ago, I wanted Arckit to be a part of their offering. 

Uncommon Goods are not just any online store, I would say that they are the benchmark for online stores and not simply because they offer an array of thoughtful products that are beautifully explained and presented, more so because of what they do above and beyond their business. 

Through their Better to Give program since its inception in 2001, they have been connecting customers with non-profit organizations across the globe. With every purchase a customer makes,  $1 is donated to a Better to Give partner of your choice. To date, they have donated over $2,500,000. 

I’m thrilled that Arckit is finally part of Uncommon Goods with our All-New and ‘Best Ever’ Collection of kits.

Visit the shop here.