Fun Ways to Kick Off the Holiday Season!

If you’re looking for fun activities to do with your family this holiday season, we have come up with some fun projects that are sure to spread the holiday cheer well into the new year!

Holiday Towns and Winter Villages

A traditional holiday activity with a modern twist, grab your Arckit Mini Dormer, Arckit GO+ 2.0 or any other set you have to create a Christmas Town or other holiday village. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another holiday, we created a variety of Arckitexture holiday themed stickers to decorate your town (download here). You can even add elements like trees, fun characters wearing Christmas jumpers, or mini houses to complete your village.

And if you really want to deck your town…

Did you know you can also add lights to your Arckit houses? Check out our Holiday Town video for some fun inspiration. We used inexpensive LED lights found on Amazon to decorate our house.

What’s great about creating a holiday town is that not only are they fun to build, but once you’re done you can use your creations to decorate your home for the holiday season! 

Create Unique Christmas Ornaments

For those of you who love creating homemade ornaments, here is an activity just for you. Get creative using Arckit and other household materials to make unique ornaments. You can create mini ornaments or large ornaments, all you have to do is find some fun festive string or hooks to attach to your designs. You can mix and match ornaments by using any of our Arckit sets or printing our free cut outs. You can choose to make multiple ornaments or just one special one, whatever you choose it is bound to be a fun and unique addition to your holiday photos.

Ice Palaces

If your child is a Frozen fan or simply a big fan of snowy days and ice forts, this project will be a great way to build on what they love. With your child, look up some beautiful ice sculptures and palaces around the world (real or imaginary). Then pick a favorite and create a structure that is inspired by the image you selected. You can use white, clear (and blue) Arckit walls and floor panels to create your ice palaces or even add cotton wool to the roofs. Whether you find yourself humming along to Let it Snow or Let it Go, you can also print out our Arckitexture stickers to let your imagination run free with icy creations.

We hope these ideas will help kick off a merry and creative holiday season! What are some fun ways you plan to celebrate?