Arckit - The Invaluable Educational Toolkit For A New Era

Arckit is the essential toolkit to rapidly up-skill the next generation with the necessary skillsets to help navigate life in the climate of the future and that will be instrumental in assisting them to find ways of healing our fragile planet.

From the way live, to the food we grow, to how we build (Arckit is an ultra adaptable modular building method inspired by a real modular building concept I developed, the type that governments everywhere today are seeking to employ to tackle the global housing crisis), to democratising architecture and design, to understanding sustainability & enhancing our environment, to accelerating STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering, art & maths), to instilling fairness, empathy and inclusivity, to the 5 Cs (Creative, Collaboration, Communication, Critical & Computational Thinking) and much more…

The eageness, enthusiasm and engagement we are seeing in Arckit classes around the world today, together with the immense educational benefits and dramatically positive results, is unparalleled according to teachers. Children want to learn in this way, it becomes a joy for them to come to school each and everyday. Teachers are equating Arckit to a core from which multiple subjects, topics and skills can be learned and combined through a ‘hands-on and learn by doing’ approach. 

These magnificent images are from Creagh College, Wexford, a renowned Irish school starting to incorporate our architectural design tool at both primary and secondary level and which showcases just one example of how Arckit seamlessly integrates with technology to teach about wind and solar energy.
When students tell you that they don’t want their class to end, it speaks volumes. This is Arckit, an invaluable educational toolkit and lesson plans for teaching and learning in a new era. Let’s spread the word!
Contact info@arckit .com if your interested in Arckit for your school, home school, makerspace or workshops.