Improving Your Desk Organisation and Productivity with Help from Arckit

These days, we find ourselves sitting at our desk (at home) quite regularly. So we've put together some tips on how to best improve productivity and at the same show you how getting creative with Arckit can help.


1. Put Things You Use Most Near Your Dominant Hand.

Try to keep the things you use most on your desk, on the side nearest to your dominant hand, this will stop a lot of awkwardness, stretching across your desk to get things.

For example, if you use paperclips a lot and you’re right-handed, store somewhere like under the right side of your monitor for easy and convenient access.


2. Keep Your Computer in Front of You.

Keeping your screen in front of you, at eye level, will help you stay focused on the task at hand, if possible, it should be around 45cm away from you.

You should sit with your back straight, this will help minimise neck and back pain from sitting at your desk for long periods of time. If you are using a laptop, getting a laptop stand, an extra keyboard and a mouse can help a lot with this.


3. Keep Your Desk Clutter Free.

Keep your desk clutter free and well organised. Stationary holders are great for organising your pens, pencils, and other whatnots you need to help you get your work done.

Also make sure you regularly clear your desk of any paper and books that you are finished with, this will help you keep focused. Anything that you do not use too often can go in your desk drawer.


4. Personal Stuff.

Try not to have your desk cluttered with too many personal items. It’s ok to have a few moments, like family pictures, vacation souvenirs and other trinkets, because they can provide positive feelings and support during the workday.

Be careful however, as too many can be a distraction, you don’t really need a birthday card from your aunt from two years ago.


5. Keep an Open Space On Your Desk.

Keep a paper sized space free on your desk on the side with your dominant hand to make it easier to review or sign documents. Once you are done with the documents, make sure to file them away or pass them on to whoever needs them, so as to keep the space clear.


At the end of the day try and make sure that this space is always free and ready for the next day's workload.


Why not get creative with your ARCKIT components and get your desk in order!