Collaboration Week at Halliford Independent School UK

Collaboration Week at Halliford Independent School in Shepperton in the UK is an exciting annual event that brings students together to work on a variety  of engaging and informative projects.  For the second year running, year 8th students used Arckit (combined with some Lego) to explore and present their Sustainable Eco-House designs. 

As part of these projects, the students made site visits in their locality and completed a site analysis, researched sustainable building strategies, created business companies together with branding and finally, made a full presentation of their creative works.

And to top it all off, they were honoured to have award winning architectural practice MAA Architects ( come along to judge their designs.

Charlotte and Matt from the practice said that 'each and every one of the projects were inspiring and their models were fantastic. The Arckit platform is an invaluable working tool and method that enables students to spontaneously explore their architectural designs and communicate their ideas'.


We’re very grateful to Halliford School for showcasing Arckit and making it accessible to their students as a new ‘hands-on’ design tool for project based learning in the classroom. Big thanks also to MAA Architects for being so enthusiastically giving of their time. 

If you think your school or institution may be interested in Arckit architectural building blocks and lesson plans, please get in touch at