Arckit stands out at ISTE Show

We recently returned from our busiest show ever at ISTE Denver. Amidst all the tech in the room, the inherent desire of educators to seek out truly meaningful ‘hands-on’ tools for teaching, was palpable. Arckit’s physical, tangible and seemingly endless capabilities, together with everything it can help teach through tactile learning, profoundly resonated with the audience. We sensed a deep yearning, almost critical necessity, to make real tools like Arckit, accessible to students once again.

The way we teach and learn are evolving immeasurably and we’re so privileged to be playing our small part in affecting this positive change with Arckit. We’re looking forward to bringing Arckit into many more schools, makerspaces and libraries across the US and the world in the coming school year ahead. If you’re interested in learning more about Arckit and making it accessible to your students, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at and we’ll be sure to promptly respond to you. #arckit #arckiteducation #handson #handsonlearning #projectbasedlearning #studentledclassroom #learnbydoing #upskilling