Arckit launches at Staples Connect

Staples Connect, the working and learning store has invited Arckit to be a part of Needham, MA store. Staples Connect includes, coworking, podcasting and community spaces where professionals, teachers and students can connect and grow together. Their new store concept is built around the ever-evolving needs of the retail customer with a focus on community, hands-on learning and solutions while offering the products and services that business customers, teachers, students and parents have relied on for decades. In essence, Staples Connect is a destination dedicated to continued curiosity, growth and development. 

The Arckit showcase, displayed on the Innovation Table includes a sample kit (The all-new Arckit GO Eco), an Arckit display model and unique signage with QR code that takes the customer to the Arckit product details page on the Staples Connect website here before being guided to the Arckit website where customers can purchase directly from us.  

We believe that this transformative in-store experience and way of shopping at Staples is a sure sign of where retail is heading.