Arckit Awarded 1st Ever ‘STEAM Accreditation’ Seal by The Toy Association & The Good Play Guide™.

We are absolutely elated for Arckit to be the first company ever to receive the official STEAM Accreditation Stamp of Approval by the Toy Association of America and Dr. Amanda Gummer’s The Good Play Guide™ for our new GO Eco and Coastal Living kits. At the very heart of Arckit is an ‘open-ended’ architectural model building tool that introduces a whole new method of learning and discovery while having fun building. Our aim is to encourage creative minds to think freely, develop essential practical and social skills and ultimately grow in confidence in order to be able to face new challenges. 

The STEAM Accreditation Seal initiative is without doubt a very significant milestone in the toy industry’s history. It is one that will pave the way for all future toys and games seeking official STEAM certification as set out within the strict criteria of The Toy Association’s 'STEAM Toy Assessment Framework’ and which we are deeply honoured to be the first ever to receive.