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Design and build your own MEGA CITY! This ultimate model city set brings together Masterplan and Cityscape to create even bigger, more impressive miniature worlds. From suburban neighbourhoods to downtown skyscrapers, city parks to piazzas, this bundle combines modular components with specialist parts like bridges to expand the city limits and design taller and more realistic buildings. You can even add building façade details with the supplied graphics and integrate cut-out props like football pitches and swimming pools. Ideal for STEM education, professional use or budding makers with a powerful imagination!


What’s included:

  • Arckit Masterplan + Arckit Cityscape
  • Range of modular and specialist components
  • Variety of roof shapes that represent iconic world architectural styles
  • Realistic façade stickers to add final touches and details to the model
  • Additional props that can be cut out and used
  • Arckit sets in this bundle are compatible and can be used together

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